First Pebble in the water

Welcome to my World!



You are now into my travel notebook.

Here and now I begin to write my free thoughts...

because this is not only my photographic portfolio.
This is not only a collection of my best moments.
This is not only an artist's presentation.


Yes, of course this is my website and it is my way to introduce myself using my creativity.


I have visited many places in my life and for every of them I have developed thoughts, feelings, memories and I want to keep them here.


You can simply scroll through the PORTFOLIO pages or you can go deeper into each section, to find out something more about my life as a photographer. You can taste my lifestyle, you can understand my philosophy of life, you can discover my beliefs.


All the main sections are a work in progress project!

For all of them over time I will depict new TRAVEL paintings with a narrative approach, I will extract the essence of new NATURE elements, I will show how to get lost in the personalities of HUMANS. 


Then there are "PEBBLES": a dynamic place, where I will tell my STORIES, my SERIES, my PROJECTS linked by "fil rouge" that go beyond all the other categories..
They will be a collection of pebbles as in the stories of Tom Thumb (in italian, Pollicino).



My first pebble on the road includes also quotes that have become my inspirations over time:

Make visible what without you, might perhaps never have been seen.
R. Bresson
I know of nothing to equal the happy expectancy of finding something new, something unguessed in advance, something only you would find, because as well as being a photographer, you were a certain kind of human being, and you would react to something all others might walk by.
M. Bourke-White


The pebbles mark the way.

If you follow them you will find me, and you will discover what a guide does: to make visible and understandable what most would go unnoticed.