The Islands of Magic and Fairytales



In ancient times there would have been an immense continent, called Atlantis, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in front of the Doors of Hercules.


Atlantis would be a magnificent place, with extraordinary landscapes, a mild climate, large forests of leafy and gigantic trees, extensive fertile plains and healty and strong animals. 


The kingdom was under the protection of Poseidon. The inhabitants were called Atlanteans and were lords of an enviable civilization, considered perfect and rich.


But moved by envy and the abundance of the Atlanteans, several people tried to invade their land. The defense battles were so successful that pride and ambition arose to expand the Atlantis kingdom’s dominions.


Poseidon stop the Atlanteans and as a consequence of divine decisions, great tectonic movements began, accompanied by huge earthquakes. The lands of Atlantis trembled violently, the sky darkened, the fire appeared that burned forests and fields of cultivation. The sea climbed the land with giant waves and swallowed up villages and cities.


Soon Atlantis was gone forever in the vastness of the sea. However, as it had large mountains, they would not have sunk completely. The high peaks would have been above the surface of the waters and originated the nine islands of the Azores.



From legend to reality, the Azores are located above an active junction between three tectonic plates. The landscapes in the surface are dominated by vulcanic mountains and hills, volcanic lake and caldeiras, fumaroles and hot springs, caves and lava tubes.


In the past, small islets appeared after submarine volcanic eruptions to then disappeared again, destroyed by ocean's water erosion.


This is the Magic of Azores.



Here Nature is Alive. Here the Four Elements together, Earth, Water, Fire and Air, show their ancestral power. 




Walk barefoot.


Immerse yourself in lush green.


Release your body in hot waters.


Remember that you ARE Nature and come back again to your Wild Side Inside.